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ICH Expands on Analytical Methods Validation in Draft – Q2 Update

The FDA has released a second guidance from the International Council for Harmonization (ICH) related to analytical methods used in drug products, which is open for comment through Sept. 28, 2022. This latest version of the ICH Q2 series of guidances offers substantially greater detail than the previous version, suggesting that managers of drug manufacturing facilities should begin examining this policy on analytical methods validation to ensure the facility is prepared for the final version.

Digital Tech for Clinical Trials May Carry Hefty Compliance Requirements

The FDA’s new draft guidance for the use of digital health technologies (DHTs) for remote data acquisition in clinical trials promises to help advance the market for a wide range of products in the digital health space. However, developers of these products should be aware that their products will be subject to a substantial amount of verification and validation work, along with a considerable load of usability studies.