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About Us

Our mission is to help life science companies commercialize faster without compromising patient care

Who We Are

After years of working in the medical device industry, cofounders Jared and Jacob grew exhausted with the challenges of day-to-day Quality Management Systems (QMS) and submission generation activities.

Jacob on average used 5 different software tools for day-to-day tasks resulting in inefficiency and delays.  As a regulatory consultant, Jared found that many companies wasted immense resources during the writing and preparing of submissions. 

Both Jared and Jacob shared a vision of a unifying QMS tool that simplified and streamlined numerous workflows and assisted in document creation through auto-generated Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing features.

Per its namesake, Enzyme acts as a catalyst, or force-multiplier, to help get products to market faster.

The Team

A remote first team with a shared vision to help companies foster a culture of quality through modern software and expert guidance


Jared Seehafer, RAC
CEO & Cofounder
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Jared is a 14 year veteran of the medical device and biopharma industries, with a background in product management, medical device software, design assurance and regulatory strategy. His experience ranges from leading spinal cord stimulator programs at St. Jude Neuromodulation (now Abbott), to the UI/UX for the first hybrid closed loop insulin pump at Medtronic Diabetes, to the regulatory strategy for numerous combination drug-device products, including Amgen's Neulasta Onpro and Repatha Pushtronex. Prior to his experience in the life sciences he trained and worked as a software engineer.

He holds a BA from the University of Colorado, an MS in Medical Device Engineering from USC, and a Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) from the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS).

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Jacob Graham, CBA, RAC
VP QA/RA & Cofounder
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Jacob is a 14 year veteran of the medical device industry, with a background in quality management, design assurance, and audit planning. He has helped commercially launch several Class II and III devices and has overseen multiple FDA and EU notified body audits. Prior to co-founding Enzyme he held quality management positions at Medtronic and Boston Scientific.

Jacob has an MBA from Babson College and a BS in Engineering from Olin College.

Additionally he has achieved several professional certifications in the life sciences, and is an ASQ Certified Biomedical Auditor and RAPS Regulatory Affairs Certified (US).

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Our Team

Mark Krempley
VP Operations
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Mark has more than 12 years of experience leading consulting and product development teams and organizations, with a background in growing and scaling sales, operations, and client-delivery solutions. For the last five years he has worked in the healthcare domain. Prior to joining Enzyme, he oversaw a 150-person business unit focused on healthcare technology development for the US federal government with over $40MM in annual revenue. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College and a master’s degree from the London School of Economics.

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Brian Intoccia
Managing Director of Enzyme Consulting
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Brian is an experienced medical device and biopharma industry professional, with a background in medical device product development process, design assurance and systems engineering. He has been responsible for successfully launching Class II & III devices and Drug-Device Combination products. Prior to joining Enzyme he was a consultant to the biopharma industry.

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Ryan Stellar
VP of Customer Operations
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Ryan has been designing and launching hardware and software medical systems since 2003 and most recently has been focused on Digital Health & Medical AI.

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Alex Speller
Head of Engineering
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Alex has over 15 years experience developing commercial software, and has previously run development teams at one of the world’s leading academic journals. He holds a BSc (Hons) in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science from the University of Birmingham, UK.

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Manasi Shukla
Sr. Manager Education & Training
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Manasi has over 13 years of experience in the medical device industry designing and delivering clinical and product education to customers, patients and physicians.

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Alana Khayat
Product Manager
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Alana is experienced in bringing complex medical devices to market. She’s worked in design assurance and systems engineering for surgical robotics and advanced optics platforms. Her compliance expertise spans from mechanical and electrical safety to software development processes to reprocessing and biocompatibility.

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David Nelson
Sr. Software Engineer
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David has been working on software development since 2005, with experience in a large variety of tech stacks and domains. Holds a MSc on Computer Science and has a particular interest in AI and ML applications.

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Jeremy Martin
Customer Success Lead
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Jeremy has 6 years years of experience in the healthcare industry in Sales, Marketing and building strong client relationships.

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Julien Guimont
Sr. Software Engineer
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Julien graduated in 2006 from Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal with a B.S. in Software Engineering.
He worked as a Development Architect for a major software vendor before founding his consulting business.
Since then, he continues to build scalable enterprise software with a focus on user interactions and quality.

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Join our mission to help customers deliver the best product through our eQMS, support, and education

Our Perks and Benefits

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Remote First
Work from anywhere and still be a core member of the team. We use cutting edge tools to enhance team communication and productivity.
401k Contributions
We offer 401k contributions to full and part-time employees.
Paid Time Off
We want our employees to take a minimum of two weeks off a year.
Productivity Perks
We offer commuter benefits to help you get into the office, ergonomic desks and personal gear stipends to power your workflows.
Team Building Offsites
Twice a year we host an offsite to promote team building with scenic backdrops of cities like Tahoe and Sonoma Wine Country.

Current Openings

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Quality Policy

Enzyme Corporation and its employees are committed to providing customers with a software platform that consistently facilitates the design, production, and commercialization of life science products.

Enzyme Corporation actively pursues continuous improvement of its own quality management system to:
enable customers to quickly and efficiently implement an eQMS;
reduce the cycle time of customer workflows; and
provide all employees a framework for setting and meeting quality objectives.

Enzyme has received ISO 9001:2015 certification for its Quality Management System. ISO 9001 is a standard that sets out the quality management system requirements to help ensure that products and services consistently meet customer's requirements, and quality is consistently improved.

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