Postmarket Modules for Users

Learn how to setup and implement postmarket modules: Audit, Complaint, NC and CAPA

Postmarket Modules for Users

Lesson 1: Welcome

About this course

Once your product has launched, you must document your post market activities in Enzyme.

Based on your role and permission level, you may be asked to:

  • Manage customer complaints
  • Document nonconformances (NC)
  • Escalate noncoformances( NC) to CAPA if needed
  • Manage CAPA
  • Periodically perform audits

In this course, we'll provide you with step by step guidance on implementing these in Enzyme.

At the end of the course, be sure to complete the course quiz for your records.


Once you are logged into your app, Enzyme's comprehensive Support Center can be accessed through the '?' in the navigation menu. The Support Center has step-by-step articles and videos on product features and modules.

Also, you can email for any questions or feedback.  

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Enzyme's Community offers educational content designed to teach you the ropes of regulatory compliance, quality management, and Enzyme's own eQMS, as well as opportunities for professional certification.

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Enzyme offers certification opportunities for those looking to level up their career and professional marketability. Contact the Enzyme team to find out how to get started on your certification.

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Complaints Module
Managing Complaints
Nonconformance Module
Managing Nonconformances
Corrective and Preventive Action
Managing CAPA
Canceling a CAPA
Audits Module
Managing Audits


After your product is on the market, you must start documenting post market activities in your QMS. This course guides you through using Enzyme's postmarket modules.

Getting Started

  • Log into your instance of Enzyme
  • As you proceed through the course, complete the actions in Enzyme


Once you are logged into your app, Enzyme's comprehensive Support Center can be accessed though the '?' in navigation menu. The Support Center has step by step articles and videos on product features and modules.

Also you can email for any questions or feedback.  

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