Our top conference picks for SaMD companies

It’s a new year and it is time to prioritize which conferences your company should attend. They are a great place to meet market leaders, like-minded entrepreneurs and ultimately showcase your product.

Although there are many conferences in the medical device space, here are our top recommendations for Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) companies.

DTx West

February 26–28 2019, San Mateo, CA

The DTx West conference is geared towards senior executive that are leading Pharma and Digital Therapeutics companies. The speaker series and networking events focus on discussing the current landscape, its challenges and how to commercialize and scale.

World Medical Innovation Forum Artificial Intelligence

April 8–10, 2019, Boston, MA . #WMIF19

The World Medical Innovation Forum focuses on how Artificial Intelligence is impacting clinical care. The forum is supported by Partner’s Health Care. Last year topics included how AI can help increase patient compliance during clinical trials, improve drug development and the challenges integrating AI into the healthcare system.

The MedTech Conference

Sept 23–25 2019, Boston MA

The MedTech conference is organized by AdvaMed; the industry trade group most associated with traditional devices. In addition to an exceptional lineup of speakers, the conference has a large exhibit hall where companies can display their latest products and services. The conference also hosts a MedTech Innovator showcase and awards.

Rock Health Summit

September 24–25, 2019 San Francisco, CA . #rockhealth

The Rock Health Summit focuses on discussing advancements and challenges in digital health. It also showcases new startups that are tackling problems in this field.

Xavier Health AI Summit

Aug 20–22 2019, Cincinnati, OH

The Xavier Health AI Summit delivers speakers and engaging conversations around how Artificial Intelligence can impact Digital Health. Last year, Bakul Patel from the FDA presented on FDA’s vision on the power of AI.

More Conferences

Here are some other conferences you should consider attending. These larger conferences have more diverse technology categories.


February 11–15 2019 — Orlando, FL #HIMSS19

HIMSS is a widely attended conference that covers topics such as Clinical Informatics, Patient Engagement and other Health IT related topics. Some of their sessions discuss cybersecurity and are tailored towards startups. HIMSS will also be in Europe (Helsinki, Finland) from June 11- 13, 2019.


May 15–16, 2019 — Boston, MA

BIOMEDevice is a conference and expo. It showcases developments in artificial intelligence, sensors, robotics and advancements in MedTech R&D and product development.

AAMI Conference & Expo

June 7–10, 2019, Cleveland, OH

AAMI conference and expo is designed for medical device regulatory experts. The conference is geared toward discussing standards and guidance for regulatory professionals.

WSGR Medical Device Conference

June 20–21, 2019 — San Francisco, CA . #WSGR

This year the conference will focus on the challenges faced my MedTech startups and how to overcome them. Speakers consist of industry leaders, venture capitalists, and industry strategists.

The Regulatory Convergence

Sept 21–24, Philadelphia, PA

The RAPS conference brings together regulatory experts to focus on the challenges, and latest updates in the industry.


October 27–30, 2019, Las Vegas, NV

HLTH conference discusses how technology can reduce costs and improve patient health. It brings together visionaries across digital health. It’s a great platform for startups to pitch their product.

Medtech Impact Expo and Conference

December 13–15, 2019 — Las Vegas, NV

The MedTech conference is part of the A4M/MMI Annual World conference where exhibitors and clinicians discuss integrating cutting edge technology and practices in healthcare.

Digital Health Summit at CES

Jan 7–10, 2020, Las Vegas, NV . #DHS2020 #CES

CES is a conference and expo that showcases and discusses the latest trends in technology. Over the years, digital health has gained an increasing presence at the conference. The Digital Health Summit highlights the latest trends, challenges and innovations in the space.

Our final thoughts

When evaluating the conferences to attend, it is important to evaluate the cost vs what you’ll get out of it. Do your research on the speakers and discussions and get your product on the list for any demos.

If you have questions or topics you want us to discuss, email us at info@enzyme.com.

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